Personal Communication Style Profiling

Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t get it? 

Why some people are more annoying than others?

Why some people seem to act without thinking things through and others need to have a handle on everything before they take action?

What if you had a tool that enabled you to make more sense of how you and others tick, in minutes instead of months?

A tool that gave you insights into how pressure affects the way you interact with others but reminds you of the value that you bring to your team, your friendship group or your family?

Something that could increase your credibility and approachability by enabling you to reduce conflict and positively influence others?

DISC is a personality profiling system which allows you to quickly learn more about how you interact with others and how you can communicate with each other more effectively. Learning about your DISC type can enable you to get along better with others whose styles are different from your own. You will begin to understand what motivates you and others, enabling you to get more out of any situation.

DISC Profile Package

As a qualified DISC Profile Assessor, I can provide you with access to your own online DISC assessment to gain insight into your personal communication style.

Your report is followed by a 60 min, 1:1 feedback session where we can explore your profile and how you can apply your new awareness to yourself and those around you.

Your personal report becomes yours to keep.

Personal DISC Profile and feedback Investment £ 127

If you’re ready to learn more about your communication style, explore how you can strengthen your relationships (personal and professional), discover how DISC can help identify strengths and blind spots; you can contact me to see how I can help.