What people say

Here is some of the feedback from my clients…

‘It has had a great impact on my life and how I make decisions whether everyday or
major. I respect my needs more and although I love helping people so much it’s now not at a detriment to my own health. It’s all slipping into place slowly but surely. With this in mind it makes me feel safer about my future. In fact, if I could have Rachael in my life for good I would, she is all round balanced coach that works well with my personality, I would recommend her thoroughly.’ Houston – Nottingham

‘I learnt a lot about myself and the way I think. Another insight was into what I can achieve when I focus my energy on myself. When I started focusing more on my own journey, I started to make progress towards my goals, much quicker than I thought I would. In a way, I feel like everything has changed because my mind feels different now. It used to feel as if I didn’t have any control and it was a negative place. Now it feels much calmer and friendlier. I laugh a lot more and I feel excited for things. ‘ Nikki – Wakefield

‘I have very much enjoyed my coaching experience with Rachael and with her help have been able to define and make good progress towards the goals we have discussed.  Rachael is good at intuitively understanding what is going on underneath and asking me the right questions to help me realise what’s really going on. This has been very effective in aiding my decision making.’      Tim – Chester 

‘Rachael enabled me to look at things differently, which made achieving my goals a lot easier! The knowledge and insight when doing sessions with Rachael is priceless.’ Adam- Wakefield

‘I found the sessions with Rachael incredibly useful. Having a dedicated time to address my issues and concerns was a real help and provided me with a deeper awareness of how to deal with them. The process enabled me to order my thoughts and essentially fast track my own solutions. A real eye opener. I would have no hesitation in using Rachael again or recommending her to others.’ Ian-Barnsley

‘I’ve become more accepting of myself; and it’s given gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my self-worth, which I’d lost touch with somewhere down the line. I would have no hesitation recommending Rachael, her approach to life-coaching was incredibly insightful.’  Louisa- Edinburgh

‘As someone who works in development and understands the coaching process, I really appreciated Rachael’s ability to allow me time to reflect. She has the ability to ask questions which almost seem invisible in that they were asked at the right time, in the right way. This smoothed my thinking, enabling me to focus.‘ Karen- Huddersfield

‘Rachael’s style worked really well for me, consistently professional, warm, friendly and welcoming; whilst at the same time with the ability to really get you to challenge yourself and think differently in order to achieve your goals. Rachael’s coaching has provided me with far more than I had imagined and I cannot thank her enough for the time she has invested in me. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone considering coaching.’ Adam- Crewe

‘I learnt more about myself than I thought I would and that was down to Rachael and the way she encouraged me to take a real look at what was stopping me from achieving my goals.’ Andy- Horbury

‘Rachael was professional, warm and easy to talk to. I have felt much happier as a result of our sessions and have found that I can apply the coaching techniques to other areas of my life to good effect.’ Liz- Ossett

‘The coaching I received from Rachael was excellent. The session was relaxed, which made me feel at ease, but also structured and it helped me to come up with options I had not thought of.’ Joanne- Midlands

Yesterday’s thoughts created today’s reality